IMG_6886JAMSHORO: PMLN Senator Rahila Gul Magsi and SU Vice-Chancellor Prof. Dr. Abida Taherani inaugurated the 3rd phase of distributing laptops among 5700 students of bachelors and master’s degree programs of Sindh University. The ceremony was held here at SU Area Study Centre wherein higher education commission (HEC) representative Naeem Ahmed, Dr. Parvaiz Ahmed Pathan and others participated.

Dr Rahila and Dr Taherani on the occasion gave away laptops to 11 students and inaugurated the ceremony. The rest students out of 5700 would be able to collect their laptops from the office of focal person Dr Imamuddin Khoso.

Senator Rahila Magsi said laptops would be given to all the deserving students studying at Sindh University.

She said she would talk to prime minister for granting laptops to the faculty members of all the universities in Sindh including that of Sindh Varsity too in order that they may be able to provide the students with cutting-edge of knowledge.

Talking on the financial crisis in the universities of the province, Dr Magsi said that she would take up the issue of not releasing the funds in time to the varsities with the senate standing committee for education and ask it to release funds to Sindh University in time to help it steer out of the financial constraints.IMG_6871

Vice Chancellor Dr. Abida Taherani thanked the government for facilitating students at the University of Sindh adding that many students had benefitted from the Fee Reimbursement Programme of premier and that of laptop scheme.

The VC said it was the wisdom & vision of the Prime Minister of Pakistan Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif who introduced laptop scheme for the students and scholars of the universities in the country by which the research culture on the campuses will be promoted.

She said over 100000 laptops had been purchased by the HEC under the vision of prime minister and a total number of 7035 laptops had been given away only to Sindh University for its students.

“With this decision of federal govt. the scholars & students will be able to conduct research through internet and give good results, which will enhance the quality of higher education in the university, I believe,” she said.

Director IBA and focal person for the scheme at Sindh University Dr. Imamuddin Khoso said the scheme was in its 3rd phase under which the laptops were being given to students of Bachelor & Masters’ degree programme.

Dr. Khoso expressed hope that the students who received laptops will do their best to promote research on the campus IMG_6866and get benefit from the tens of thousands e-books, research articles and thesis which are available on the internet.

“The scholars can now ensure their access to the electronic books (e-books), other research material, newspapers and magazines which are available online,” he said.

He said that SU received 7035 laptops in total out of which 1300 were given to the scholars of M.Phil/M.S & PhD while in Phase-III, 5700 laptops along with internet device evo would be given to deserving students.