Nadir Mugheri is a senior journalist, a blogger and a researcher with masters in Mass Communication and another masters in English literature based in Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan. He is attached with an Urdu newspaper Daily Ummat Karachi as Senior Reporter since January 2011.

Nadir Mugheri is basically an environmental and international affairs journalist but he also covers politics, sessions of the provincial assembly of Sindh and water, sanitation and hygiene issues. He is said to be an expert in feature stories, investigative reports and making video documentaries.

So far as Nadir is concerned, he has a record of several successful stories, which he highlighted in different times and later those issues were resolved by government authorities.

He visited all over the country and covered very important issues concerning with the poor masses of Pakistan.

Nadir has been filing different reports including environment, wildlife, social evils, political, educational and water related issues for Daily Ummat Karachi ( Besides, has contributed reports, feature stories, investigative reports and analysis for different local, national and international publications including Daily Ibrat Hyderabad (Largest circulated Sindhi language newspaper), The Banker Lahore (English), Daily The Age Karachi, Daily Awami Awaz Karachi (Sindhi), Monthly News Leaf Karachi (English).

He has also rendered his services for a leading Sindhi News Channel SINDH TV NEWS for more than 4 years as Bureau Chief at Lahore Station. During this he made so many packages, video reports and also hosted a talk show PUNJAB TIME. It was a political and investigative type talk show unique from other talk shows.

The documentaries and packages on various issues can be watched by visiting following link. Those wre prepared by Nadir Mugheri during his duty as Bureau Chief in Lahore:

Nadir has taken interviews of U.S Ambassador, U.S Consulate Generals of Karachi and Lahore and so many other guests from USA and UK…..
Link of interviews and some news items in Urdu language:

He can be reached at